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LS DESIGN MARKETING is a web design and development and branding agency in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Lyubov design and build business, personal, online store, E-Commerce websites. Lyubov Strauss is Squarespace Web Designer and Developer. Lyubov Strauss design, build websites and provides website maintenance services.

Lyubov Strauss helps small to medium size businesses boost their online sales.

Lyubov does BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION. Transformation and change is a critical issue for most organizations. Change is important for growth.

LS DESIGN MARKETING provides Squarespace Web Design, a complete marketing package from Logo to website plus digital marketing. LS Design Marketing design and publish a magazine for you. Fifteen years of experience in design and publishing online and print publications.


Our Clients

Health and Wellness Coach. Nutrition Coach. Beauty Salon. Spa. Hair Salon. Restaurant. Attorney. Photographers. Artist. Weddings Planner. Yoga Instructor. Personal Fitness Trainer. Coffee Shop. Fashion Designer. Real Estate Agent. Interior Designer. Hospitality and Hotels. Travel Agent. Education. Dance Studio. Art Gallery. Business Services